KNCCI offers various value added benefits to its members. Below is an outline of some of the benefits.

Membership brings credibility to your business
You increase positive perception among consumers and business owners when your identified as a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Increase your visibility in the community.
As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you will be listed in the customer newsletter, e-newsletter, and have the opportunity to be highlighted in other chamber publications. You also can grow your business by advertising with the Chamber and sponsoring events.

Create networking opportunities
The Chamber has key working committees and serving on one of them provides numerous networking opportunities as well professional leadership development. You can build your business while promoting development of keen interest to local businesses and the community at large.

Gain a voice in the Government
The chamber takes on the tough issues and opposes new regulations, taxes, fees, assessment and cost directed at businesses. It also helps protect the principles of free enterprise and aids businesses in being treated fairly

Make business contacts
The Chambers most fundamental mission is to generate more business activity for the members

Receive Chamber newsletters
Newsletters provide new members information, interesting information about operating a local business, articles about the local community, a community calendar and details about up-and-coming Chamber events, among others.

Acquire customer referrals
Every day the Chamber receives calls from individual and businesses looking for potential vendors, and Chamber typically recommends Chamber members

Chamber events and programs
Chamber events and programs provide members with great opportunities to get to know new people and expand their prospect base. Chamber events are innovative and fun away to help members meet potential customers, clients and vendors and generate new business leads.

Promotion and Publicity
With a chamber membership, you can reach potential clients through member exclusive advertising and opportunities for business- to business advertising and publicity.
Other Benefits
1. A free (can be upgraded to .KE )
2. Free hosting
3. A website template (6 pages) for KNCCI members e.g.
4. Members of KNCCI will be listed on online directories highlighted below ( with geo-location):
i. Jamii Online
ii. African Directory Online /
iii. Jobs Directory Online
5. Domain and Hosting Transfer ( to include emails and websites )
6. .com to domain transfer
7. Regular training on Online Marketing and SEO for members ( facilitated by KNCCI)
This is to apply to
1. New Members / Potential Members of KNCCI
2. Renew Membership / Current Members Members of KNCCI