Women , Youth and PWD

Women-owned Businesses are making significant Social Economic Contributions in Kenya. Women owned-income generating Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in Kenya cut across all sectors of the economy, providing sustainable source of employment, income, government revenue and poverty reduction hence making a significant contribution to the Kenyan economy. Their businesses account for about one-half (48 percent) of all micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which contribute around 20 percent to Kenya's GDP. Out of the 462,000 jobs created annually since 2000 in Kenya, 445,000 jobs have come from the informal sector, where 85 percent of women's businesses are found. Research has shown that countries that fail to address gender barriers are losing out on significant economic growth. Therefore, addressing gender barriers in Kenya could generate significant economic growth for the country. Further, eliminating gender- based inequalities in Business & trade can lead to significant GDP growth. It is critical to increase attention to the gender dimensions of economic development and to empower & promote the contributions of Women in Kenya’s Economy. The need to integrate women active in business with private sector stakeholders such as The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) that advocate for the creation of a favorable commercial, trade and investment environment led to establishment of Women In Business Kenya(WIB-Kenya) and WIB-Kenya activities.

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) is a membership based trade support institution (TSI) working to protect commercial and industrial interests of Kenyan business community. KNCCI advocates for the creation of a favorable commercial, trade and investment environment that supports enterprise expansion. The membership of KNCCI constitutes small, micro enterprises (MSEs), medium and large enterprises. Incognizant of the key role of played by Women-owned enterprises KNCCI has established Women In Business (WIB) Sector. WIB-Kenya serves as a sector under KNCCI whose mandate is to integrate empowerment of women in business and Trade from all the 47 Counties with the mandate (KNCCI). WIB-Kenya convenes over 10,000 women active in Trade, entrepreneurship, business and professionals across the 47 Counties. In the past 3 years, WIB-Kenya in conjunction with KNCCI has continued to empower women, stir their potential and accelerate the growth of their Trade& entrepreneurial activities by;

• Promoting, coordinating and protecting commercial and industrial interests of women in Business
• Promoting women participation in trade within and outside Kenya
• Capacity building, Mentorship, Networking, organizing trade and industrial exhibitions
• Voice Policy concerns such as Women Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (WAGPO)
• Conduct research of women in business related issues in all the 47 Counties of Kenya.
• Provide advisory, for business/Trade related issues for women in conjunction with KNCCI advocates and access to regional and International Markets.